Newcomers Guide

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Welcome to the Town of Rutherfordton!

This page is designed to assist and provide some of the basic information to assist you in getting settled in.

Government Responsibilities
The Town of Rutherfordton provides services including police and fire protection, garbage collection, sewer service, planning, zoning and fire inspections inside the Town limits. Please note that a Rutherfordton mailing address does not necessarily indicate residing within Town limits. To see a map of Town limits, click here.


Water & Sewer Service

Broad River Water Authority (BRWA) is the water provider for the Town of Rutherfordton and also handles sewer billing. A deposit and connection fee is required for service. For more information, contact Broad River Water Authority at 286-0640 or visit their website at

Sewer Service

If you are moving into an existing building, contacting BRWA will also begin your sewer service. For new construction, come by Town Hall to pay the tap fee and an inspection will be scheduled. Click here (.pdf) for a current list of fees.

Solid Waste Collection

The Town collects household garbage, small appliances and other trash, yard trimmings, and recyclable materials. Garbage and recycling are both collected weekly. Download the Recycle Coach App on your smartphone device to be notified of collection schedules at your address. The Town supplies each residential unit with one 95 gallon garbage can and on 95 gallon recyclable can which should be at the residence when you move in.  If you need additional cans, they may be purchased at Town Hall.  Click here for the price.  If you have any additional questions, contact Public Works at 287-5961.  For additional information on solid waste collection, click here.


Electricity, Telephone, Gas, and Cable TV

To establish service, contact:
Electric: Duke Energy

Gas & Cable / Satellite TV/ Telephone : There are several companies providing services. Please reference the yellow pages for a choice of companies.

To locate underground cables, call 1-800-632-4949 or dial 811.


Dial 911 for emergency police, fire or ambulance calls. For situations not involving imminent threats to people or loss of property inside the Town limits, call 287-3520, or after hours, call the communications center at 828-286-2911. If you are outside the Town limits of Rutherfordton, call the Rutherford County Sheriff at 828-287-6247. Please note that a Rutherfordton mailing address does not necessarily indicate residing within Town limits. To see map of Town limits, click here.


Our town is pleased to provide residents with library services. The library is located on North Main Street, directly across from Town Hall. If you would like to apply for a library card, or get information about library services, please visit the Norris Library webpage or call 828-287-4981.


The phone numbers for the public schools serving Rutherfordton are:
Rutherfordton Elementary: 287-3778 
R-S Middle School: 286-4461
R-S Central High School: 287-3304
Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy: 657-9998
Rutherford County Schools – Main Administrative Offices: 288-2200
Rutherford County Schools Website

Information for private schools in the area can be found in the Yellow Pages.


Animals shall be under sufficient physical restraint (leash, cage, fence, etc) at all times. An animal is exempt from being under physical restraint if a responsible adult (18 years old or older) is physically outdoors and directly adjacent to the animal on the land where the owner of the animal resides, and the animal is obedient to that person’s commands. For additional information regarding animal control, click here.

Driver's Licenses and Vehicle Tags

Once you move to North Carolina, you have 60 days to update your drivers license to your new address. See N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles requirements for those who have moved here from elsewhere in North Carolina or from out of state.

Voter Registration

For information on how to register to vote in Rutherford County, visit the Board of Elections’ website here.