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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                        October 26, 2018

Contact: Doug Barrick, Town Manager
Phone: 828-447-6360


Rutherfordton Golf Course Set to Close October 26, 2018

Over the past century the Rutherfordton Golf Course has impacted the lives of many in our community, through personal relationships and simply love of the game of golf. Over the past few years the course as seen a decrease in play and the operations of the course has become difficult even with support of the Town and the Rutherfordton Recreation Trust Fund.

The Rutherfordton Golf Club Inc., a nonprofit organization formed to manage and maintain the Rutherfordton Golf Course, has voted to shut down the course and dissolve organizational operations. The course will be closed to the public as of Friday, October 26. In Early November, Rutherfordton Golf Club, Inc. will be returning the golf course property to the town for maintenance and upkeep. Any remaining assets of the Club will be transferred to the Rutherfordton Recreational Trust Fund.

              The town first leased the golf course property from Dr. and Mrs. Henry Norris in 1925, until the property was given outright to the town by their estate in the 1940s. The Rutherfordton Golf Club, Inc. has been leasing 40 plus acres of land from the town of Rutherfordton for the purpose of having a golf course. The Rutherfordton Golf Course has long been a community staple. Beloved golf pro, the late Leroy Mull, instructed many residents of the town and instilled a love for the sport and a connection to community during his decades-long tenure at the golf course. The memories made at the course will be treasured for years to come.

              The future of the land is unknown at this time & there is currently no plan for the development of the property. Any plans for the golf course property would have to be crafted and created by the Rutherfordton community, in the form of public input sessions and strategic planning. Town Staff would proudly execute the vision and desires of the residents of the town. Mayor Dancy said, “The future of the course and the property will depend on the input of the entire community as we move forward.” He went on to say, “We understand that this a difficult time for those that have so many memories of the course and for those that have worked tirelessly to operate the course over the years.”

              Members of the golf club will have the opportunity to gather belongings and items kept at the clubhouse. Please contact town staff if you need entry to the building.