Rutherfordton joins the list of Safe NC Cities

Public Safety is the main reason that local governments exist and now Rutherfordton is recognized as one of the Safest in North Carolina. recently released the Top 50 safest cities in North Carolina List for 2015 and Rutherfordton received #40 honors. Rutherfordton also has the distinct honor to be the only Town on the list of 50 to not have any violent crimes.  When asked about this distinction Mayor Jimmy Dancy said "On behalf of all our citizens, we take pride in congratulating Chief Kevin Lovelace and the Rutherfordton Police Department on the service and dedication to our citizen's protection.  Being recognized as one of the safest cities in North Carolina by the SafeWise Report, we can all be more appreciative of the community where we live and work."  This recognition is truly a testament to the quality of our police department and the engagement of our citizens. “To make the top 50 out of 500+ cities is quite a tribute to your citizens and illustrates the commitment of Law Enforcement” said Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce  President Clark Poole 
As mentioned by Safewise, In addition to being one of the state’s safest cities, Rutherfordton is one of the oldest towns in Western North Carolina, and its people are full of pride. Rutherfordton citizens should feel extremely proud of the work done by the Rutherfordton Police Dept. in protecting property, with property crime rates down and well below ½ of the national average. We encourage citizens to thank the Officers of the Dept. for their work and to stay connected to the Dept. in assisting us solve crimes and to more over prevent crime before it occurs. This can only occur through a great community effort and communication. This commitment from our citizens is reflected in this honor. Police Chief Kevin Lovelace commented on this recognition by saying “The level of safety in a community is a reflection of all stakeholders. No single person or group can achieve this goal, but a decision by the majority of our citizens to work toward a safe community where life can be enjoyed without undue worry is key to this milestone. This honor is the fruit of the labors of many, and reflects the values and goals of the preponderance of our citizens.”
2015 Safest Cities