Final Comments Sought in Connect Rutherfordton Bike & Pedestrian Plan

RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. – With 12 projects now identified as priorities in the Connect Rutherfordton Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan, residents can now give their input on the final recommendations of this plan. This latest step in public outreach by the Town of Rutherfordton is to finalize the Connect Plan and move towards an implementation-focused plan that combines the recommendations from surveys and a citizen based steering committee into a plan highlighting improvements for bicycles, pedestrians, and trails throughout the community. Working with consultants from AECOM the plan is helping identify where bicycle and pedestrian facilities are most critically needed to improve safety, connectivity, and quality of life. A map and list of the 12 improvement corridors can now be found in the plan along with Program & Policy recommendations to improve facilities throughout the Town. Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts on the draft plan, including the 12 projects and the issues they are currently experiencing at these locations, and the type of improvements they would like to see throughout the Town. Comments can be shared by contacting Town Manager Doug Barrick at (828) 287-3520, extension 7or by email at throughout the month of July.

Draft Connect Rutherfordton Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan 

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