Rutherfordton Sun Newsletter

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The Rutherford ton Sun was originally published each Thursday here in Rutherfordton
from 1903 to 
1931. In 2017 the Town wanted a new way to ensure citizens could read
about all the great things happening 
in our community. The SUN is a quarterly newsletter
that will be mailed out to residents, available in print 
at the Town Hall, Norris Library,
Woodrow Jones Community Hall and various other locations around 
town. The SUN
will also be published here on this page and on social media. We hope that you

find this information helpful as the Town looks for ways to ensure residents are updated
on happenings in 
the Town. 

January/February/March 2018 
                                                  Featuring: Mayfest 
                                                                   Recycle Coach 

October/November/December 2017 
                                                          Featuring: Carolina Christmas 
                                                                           Fire Prevention 

July/August/September 2017 
                                                          Featuring: Purple Martin Greenway 
                                                                           Grease Goblin 

Past Cover of the Rutherfordton Sun
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